Redecan Redee Pre-Rolls

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One of most popular pre-rolls. They come in packs of 10 at 0.4 grams per joint and are a perfect size for personal consumption.

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Life is Better at the Cabin

Pre-Rolls for Lazy Cabin Days

There are few things that pair better with summer heat and campfire fun as a pre-rolled cannabis treat. As practical from your everyday user as for your grab-and-go camper. Save yourself the mess and fuss of rolling (though if you do want to try that you, learn to do it here) with an awesome selection from your local Cabin Cannabis Crew.

Simply Bare & 1964

You will love it

Offers premium organically produced BC Flower

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Relax and unwind, you’re on Cabin time

There's more than one way to enjoy

Mmm, mmm Edibles. With progression comes options and new ways to enjoy your favorites. As the Cannabis industry continues to grow, more and more suppliers are creating their own edible options for consumers. Why? Because not everyone wants to smoke cannabis, and that’s okay. For some, consuming is easier, more effective, and discreet. We’ve got options to help you create the experience that’s right for you. 

Wana Edibles

One of our favorite producers

They offer a variety of flavors and types of gummies to fit every need that consumers look for in edibles. They are also made vegan and gluten free.


A word to the wise

Edible highs will last longer and effect you much later than smoking cannabis. 

For Chocolate Lovers

Because chocolate

When it comes to chocolates we love the Edison Bytes and Fireside Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels. They taste so good that we would want to eat more if not for containing Cannabis.

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