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Cannabis Flower Education

Cannabis Flower

More than just a pretty bud.

A term that refers to the smokable, trichome-covered part of a female cannabis plant. Flower is the most popular form of cannabis due to its versatility. Cannabis that is purchased at a dispensary is known as loose Flower, that is, flowers purchased on their own are loose from the cannabis plant itself. Consumers aren’t purchasing stems, leaves, or seeds — just Flower.

“Did you see the new flower they have at the Cabin? Totally dank.”

“Oh man, this premium flower is killer.”

Cannabis Slang

Let’s face it, slang is as ever-changing as weed itself; Someone is always trying to come up with next big obsession. This is simply a meager list of terms that you may here when learning about or shopping for Marijuana Flower.

For Flower:

Weed, Mary Jane, Bud, Nug, Flower, Green, Leaf, Ganja

For Devices:

Joint, Spliff, Pipe, Vape, Vaporizer, Bong, Banger, Bubbler, Atomizer, Rolling Papers, Grinder, Ash Catcher, Torch, Bowl

How to properly store Flower.

Flower, being an organic material, can experience the same issues as any other organic matter that’s been disconnected from it’s life source… it will perish. That’s why it’s important to properly store it at home. Minimize you bud’s exposure to things like oxygen, heat, moisture, or UV light by storing it an a long-lasting, airtight container.

How do I know if my flower has
"gone bad"?

Flower degradation can be a few different issues, not just spoiling. Really, degradation refers to anything that affects the potency of the Flower. Signs to look for? Keep it simple.

Color: Does your once bright, colorful nug look brown and listless? Getting a “rust-encrusted” vibe from your stash? Take a cue – your flower may be drying out or losing potency!

Smell: Hey, did you know that cannabis flower is a PLANT?! With great plant leaves come great responsibility. Cannabis left to its own devices can produce a rather unpleasant stench ranging from rot to stale.

Taste: Bud aficionados know that flower products can have a wide taste range, however, the taste and feel of old cannabis is rather jarring. Overtime, your earthy may go all the way downhill into swampy, and no one wants that.


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