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How To Roll a Joint

When people think of cannabis most of them think to roll a joint. It’s the iconic way to consume cannabis and enjoy the aroma and flavour of your bud.

How Long Can A High Last?

A high from smoking cannabis can generally last for three to four hours where a dabbing session or edible could last anywhere from six to ten hours.

Smoking A Bowl of Cannabis

There are so many ways to consume cannabis. Whether it be through smoking a joint, edibles, concentrates, or using a pipe.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Terpenes, or terpenoids, are the aroma compounds that are produced in the flower that you smell coming from the plant. Cannabinoids are the components that come from cannabis and directly...

THC Vs CBD – One’s a Party, the Others Relaxing

THC and CBD are both cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. However, they’re both different and have unique influences and effects.
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