How to buy good weed: Finding the best cannabis flower

Knowing which strains are the best cannabis can be intimidating.

If you don’t know your stuff, the difference between an eighth of Blueberry Kush and an eighth of Sour Diesel may just be the price. However, there’s many factors including terpenes and THC/CBD potency that go into making a great cannabis strain.

A lot of people make their cannabis purchase based on how cool a label looks or the name of the strain itself, which has zero bearing on the effect or enjoyment you’ll receive from consuming cannabis. The best cannabis is finding the right cannabis for you. Price, THC percentage, and the name of the strain are the most common reasons someone purchases a specific cannabis strain.

These are great points to hit when looking for a cannabis strain, however not helpful when it comes to determining the quality of the product.

The Best Cannabis is Quality Cannabis

Having a cannabis strain with the highest THC percentage doesn’t make it the best cannabis. There’s a wide array of complex cannabinoids and terpenes that work together to create the effect you receive when consuming cannabis. When you purchase quality cannabis you’re not only paying for THC, there are other compounds that work together to provide you with a euphoric experience. Unfortunately, these aren’t really advertised with the product so it’s difficult to know if the extra cash will be well spent.

Terpenes are constantly evaporating and are gone after six months. The freshness of your cannabis is the best indicator of the quality of the bud. Storing your bud properly can delay the evaporation process but not completely deter it. The best way to determine a cannabis’ terpene profile is by smelling the flower. The more pungent the smell the more terpenes present.

Quality cannabis is dried and cured properly. This is so you have a tasty, smooth, and mold-free experience when consuming cannabis. Don’t put your cannabis in a plastic bag as it destroys the trichomes on the outside of the flower. Keep it in a jar or glass container for optimal freshness.

Take some chances, try some new growers to find which ones produce quality cannabis consistently.

Try New Strains and Trust Quality Growers

Quality cannabis comes from quality growers, it all comes down to the environment and how the plant was taken care of while it grew. It takes skill for a grower to produce quality cannabis. Quality cannabis should leave you with the exact feeling you were looking for. Whether it be to relax, experience the euphoric high, or to give yourself some pep in your step. You should be able to see, taste, and smell the effort put into growing that cannabis flower.

Take some chances, try some new growers to find which ones produce quality cannabis consistently. It takes time to grow confidence in a new strain and you never know how it will impact you until you’ve consumed it. If there’s a particular strain you’ve enjoyed, maybe try another one from the same grower. Chances are their quality of work carries over to their other cannabis strain. If the strain was grown by someone who values the quality and experience a user receives when consuming cannabis, you’re sure to have a great time. Every strain is unique and their experience will also be unique to you.

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