How To Roll a Joint

When people think of cannabis most of them think to roll a joint. It’s the iconic way to consume cannabis and enjoy the aroma and flavour of your bud. There are countless ways to roll a joint, but the key component of a successful joint is making sure it burns smoothly and evenly.

Start by using 0.5grams of bud and a normal sized rolling paper when you’re first learning to roll a joint. This is a decent amount to start with and will help make rolling your joint more manageable. Once you gain more experience to roll a joint, you can move up to larger sized papers to widen your skills.

Step 1:

You need to break down your bud into a fine shake so you can roll it in the paper. Using a grinder is the best method to break down your bud and roll a joint. It helps from getting your hands sticky and in turn sticking to the paper when you try to roll. You can also break your bud down using scissors or your hand. 

Step 2:

Create your crutch/filter. You can use almost anything from thin cardboard to business cards or even a piece off the packaging your rolling papers came in! Many paper packaging also come with material inside to use. Start by making a few accordion folds at the end of your cardboard and begin rolling it in between your fingers until you get the desired thickness. This is completely optional; however, it helps to keep your bud inside the joint. It also gives you stability when you’re smoking it so you don’t burn your fingers!

Step 3:

Start filling the paper when the bud you grinded up previously. Once you have the right amount in there you can begin to shape the joint using your fingers to evenly space out your bud.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to roll the joint! This is where it can get tricky for some. Pinch the paper between your fingertips and start tolling the paper back and forth until the cannabis is packed down. Then with caution, begin rolling the paper underneath the bud and roll up until the glued side of the paper is facing you. Now lick the glued edge and place it down on the paper.

Step 5:

Now to finish your joint! Pack the end down to help ensure it burns evenly, using a pen works great! Then twist the top to keep your weed safely contained in your joint and you’re ready to go!

There are countless ways to roll a joint, feel free to get creative with it! The more you experiment and learn the more you can begin to experience cannabis in different ways.

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