Smoking A Bowl of Cannabis

There are so many ways to consume cannabis. Whether it be through smoking a joint, edibles, concentrates, or using a pipe. Smoking a bowl of cannabis in a pipe is a common method of consumption and learning how to effectively pack and smoke a bowl is essential.

Pipes contain a bowl with a round basin to pack your bud into. It also has a channel that allows for airflow, delivering the smoke through a mouthpiece. Pipes traditionally were used for smoking tobacco and were made out of wood, or bamboo material. With the booming popularity of cannabis pipes today, most are made out of glass or ceramic which has proven to be incredibly versatile. They can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, functionality, and complexity depending on what you are looking for out of your pipe. You can also use bubblers or bongs that use water to filter the cannabis smoke prior to consumption.

To get started on smoking a bowl of cannabis, you’ll need your smoking device and a heating element, preferably a lighter. However, some cannabis users don’t want to have the taste of butane from the lighter when consuming cannabis. Another method of heating your bowl of cannabis if using a hemp wick, which is a waxy piece of hemp string that easily ignites and maintains a burn with no bad aftertaste. A glass wand can also be heated to vaporize your bud on contact which eliminates combustion smoke altogether.

When smoking a bowl of cannabis, a crucial component to consider is whether to use a screen or not for your smoking device. When smoking a bowl of cannabis, your bud can get sucked into the hole and clog up your pipe. Screens help keep you from inhaling cannabis as well. Alternatives are twisting a piece of wire into a coil or using a screen from a faucet head as a substitute.

Alright, now that you have your pipe and bud, let’s get ready to smoke a bowl of cannabis!

Step 1: Get out your pipe, bud, and grinder if you have one. Start to grind your bud and make sure it’s broken down evenly to allow for airflow in the bowl.

Step 2: Put the ground up bud into the basin of the pipe. Pack the bud lightly at the bottom and slightly dense at the top for an even smoke throughout. This keeps the cannabis maintaining a smooth burn without clogging your pipe.

Step 3: Light it up and smoke!

When smoking a bowl of cannabis in a group, remember the provider gets to light the first hit. Lighters are also to go back to who you got it from, don’t be a lighter thief!

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