Troubleshooting common mistakes in marijuana growing

Cannabis plants are called “weed” for a reason.

They’re resilient and grow successfully all over the globe, regardless of climate. However, problems can easily arise when marijuana growing. Between bad weather, bugs and insects, nutrients, improper watering, there’s many things that may cause you complications when growing cannabis.

Marijuana Growing Mistakes

Those who are new to marijuana growing are so proud of their work and absolutely love their plants, some times a little too much. Remember, cannabis is a weed, let the plant be and grow on it’s own terms. Overwatering your cannabis plant can cause you serious issues in your growing journey. On the flip side, the soil drying out is extremely important since that’s how the roots pull oxygen from the soil into the plant. Standing water can possible lead to root rot if not properly dried out.

New growers also have been known to provide their cannabis plant with too many nutrients. There’s a myth around many new cannabis growers that the more nutrients you provide your cannabis plant the bigger it will grow to be. Because of this, they continue to add more and more nutrients to their cannabis plant which can in turn effectively kill your work. Your cannabis plant needs balance for it to grow and be health. It’s extremely difficult to correct a plant with too many nutrients than it is to add more if needed.

Keep an eye out for dead or yellowing leaves along with weak or withered branches.

There are a wide array of problems that can come up when growing cannabis. Whatever the problem that arises, it needs to be fixed quickly to avoid any loss to your work. Cannabis plants are responsive and will show you signs of distress if you’re not giving them the proper amount of nutrients, water, or if there’s a bug infestation or other issue. Make sure you are regularly checking on your cannabis plants for any issues. When you’re pruning your plant, take some time to check it and get up close and personal to fix any issues that may not be obvious.

A place to keep an eye on is the main stalk of your cannabis plant as stunted growth can be a sign of roots being bound or another issue. If you’re growing multiple plants and one is considerably smaller than the other, chances are you have a root issue to take care of. Keep an eye out for dead or yellowing leaves along with weak or withered branches. Remove these from the plant as soon as you notice them and if your cannabis plants are flowering, look for bud rot and mold.

Sometimes bugs and insect can be found under the fan leaves on the cannabis plant. Check there and where the stalk comes out of the soil to ensure there are no bugs damaging your crop. Any yellowing, discoloration, or spots on the leaves are a red flag that your plant is sick and needs attention.

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